• Ann - Excellent

    Mr. Schofield was very professional and informative regarding my situation. He was very candid and explained both the pros and cons of the situation. Mr. Schofield is an excellent resource and I would recommend him to anyone.

  • N.D. - Consummate Professional

    I was in a unique situation as an employment professional working for a global company that found myself in need of an employment attorney for myself. I can tell you that Art knows the intricacies of Florida and Federal employment law better than many I have met and because of my trust in Art I told him what I wanted and did not micro manage his strategy in getting me exactly what I wanted.

    As many have mentioned in this review, Art was very thorough in explaining options so under no pressure I could decide the direction I wanted to take given the risks. Art is many many steps above some of the unscrupulous employment attorneys I have been forced to work with throughout my professional career in South Florida and it was a joy working with Art who exemplifies the moral and professional demeanor one would hope all employment attorneys would have but unfortunately do not. Thank you Art; it was a pleasure working with you.

  • Michelle - Most knowledgable attorney around!

    I have consulted with Arthur Schofield over the years and have referred all of my family and friends to his law firm. He really cares about you as a person and gets your issues resolved quickly. I would always call him first for any legal issues that I might experience.

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  • Arlene - Unemployment Benefits

    Mr. Schofield was absolutely professional. He explained in detail the pros and cons of my case.  He was very supportive, knowledgeable and informative regarding my case, and we were successful.

  • Susan - Thanks for making the Bullies go away.

    Mr. Schofield was honest, direct and told me exactly what he could and couldn’t do for my case. He was correct, cost effective and gave me back confidence when my past employer was bullying me and forcing me to abandon my position because of my age.

    By asserting himself immediately into my exit from this company, he was able to squash the harrassment, get a Cease and Desist agreement and even reimbursement for work I had not been paid for.

    He also helped me 2 years later when Insurance issues arose, and the past Employer was forced to comply. I would highly recommend Mr. Arthur T. Schofield to anyone who needs a labor/ employment attorney.

  • Bernard - Outstanding Lawyer

    As a former law school dean and law professor for over 42 years, I have encountered many lawyers in many different capacities. Arthur Schofield clearly ranks in the top 1% of those I have dealt with during these 42 plus years. His ability to formulate the appropriate legal issues,present them in the most persuasive and convincing fashion,and keep the client (me) thoroughly informed is among the best I have seen. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again or to enthusiastically recommend to someone else.

  • John - Arthur Schofield is An Excellent Employment & Labor Attorney Based in West Palm Beach

    I know Art as a top flight employment lawyer in town. I also know him as my lawyer, for my small business. We hired Art a few years ago to guide us with state and federal employment and labor issues. Art Schofield’s law firm is top rate, knowledgeable and strong. Art is a great advocate who combines strength, toughness, smarts and common sense. My company turned to Art to help us grow, and yours should, too.

  • Rich - My Preferred Attorney

    Arthur Schofield is extremely dependable, approachable and responsive to my inquiries. He was very insightful and was able to answer all of my questions. He worked very quickly to attend to my specific situation and resolved all of my issues.

  • Randy - Mr. Schofield will exceed all expectations

    I began working with Art approximately two years ago. My case was complex and multi-layered. Art worked tirelessly see my case through to the end. We reached a successful settlement that was advantageous for me.

    Thank you Art.

  • Jami - Arthur Schofield, outstanding experience with my employment case

    Mr. Schofield was very thorough in handling my case. When I came to him, I was confused and fearful of what might happen, but he was factual and knowledgeable and filled me in on my options and the risks involved. In the end he advised me into making the right decisions and now I have all the peace of mind I need to move forward in my new position.

    I have already recommended him to a friend and hold his experience in the highest regard. I would go back to Mr. Schofield should the need arise again.
    Thanks Arthur!

  • Mike - Excellent Lawyer and Paralegal

    Arthur Schofield and Renae are great. They took an unpleasant experience and gave it a pleasant outcome. They were very informative and made themselves available for any questions I may have had during this process. I was glad I took the first step and contacted them for legal help.

  • Gail - Arthur Schofield Esq. is the very best!

    I honestly can’t imagine having a better legal experience than I had with Arthur Schofield, Esq.  He was terrific in every way, including helping calm my frayed nerves in a very difficult situation. He got me an excellent settlement while guiding me gently every step of the way.I’d choose Arthur Schofield again in a heartbeat.

  • Employment client - Absolute Life Saver!!

    Mr. Schofield helped bring closure to a very painful situation I experienced. He was always very responsive, and professional. I felt he truely cared and was concerned for me and the situation I was in. He will always tell you what to expect, and provides his professional outlook on the situation. He was absolutely outstanding! Mr. Schofield and his assistant Renae were exceptional and went above & beyond my expectations with their time, advice and generosity with this very difficult ordeal for me! I’m sooo appreciative words can not explain.

  • A.M.G. - "Excellent employment/Labor attorney"

    Mr. Schofield was excellent, he provided me with attention to the details of my case. Furthermore, he was very knowledgeable of the issues of my case and provided with specific information and attention.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who requires attention an employment issues …!

  • Marsha - THE BEST!!

    Mr. Schofield was pleasant, and easy to talk to. He was supportive, and responsive to any question I had in a timely way. He conducted himself in a very professional and dignified manner.  I felt very secure that he knew the law, and how to proceed in my case.  He knew exactly what to do, and how to get it done!  I felt he was very genuine, and have a great deal of respect for his expertise.  Needless to say- I’m a satisfied customer!

  • Steve - Sid vs Ibis G&CC

    Mr. Schofield was extremely helpful in my situation. He was extremely knowledgeable, understanding, and took prompt action on my behalf. I would use Mr. Schofield again if necessary and would highly recommend him should you require a lawyer.

  • Divorce client - Review Arthur Schofield

    Mr. Schofield and his office were very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend his services without reservation.

  • Discrimination client - Employee Discrimination

    I couldn’t have gotten through this difficult situation without him. He gave me wonderful guidance and is a great negotiator.

  • Susan - Help with Condo Lawyers

    After leaving my job under duress and unpleasantness, he still helped me salvage some benefit rights. No case is too small and he ran interference for me at a time of bullying. I can honestly give him a rave review if you need someone to go to bat for you successfully. Thanks, Susan

  • Jana - Art Schofield Is A Winner

    When I first was introduced to Mr. Schofield, I was hanging on by a thread in an appeal against a major disability insurance corporation. I had already tried one attorney and lost my case but Mr. Schofield began working on my appeal immediately, kept me informed through every step of the way and won my appeal! He and his assistant, Renae, are very professional and courteous. I highly recommend Mr. Schofield to anyone experiencing labor/employment disputes.

  • Employment client - An Excellent Attorney

    I would highly recommend Mr. Schofield for your employment / labor law issues. He is well verse in this area of law and always keeps you informed in every aspect of your case. He takes the time to answer your questions so that you feel more at ease during a time that might be confusing and/or frustrating. I have personally referred Mr. Schofield to others with positive results and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Discrimination client - Outstanding Attorney

    Mr. Schofield helped bring closure to a very painful situation I experienced. I never once doubted his abilities. He was always very responsive, and professional. He cares about his clients and gives them the time and attention that is required. He will always tell you what to expect, and provides his professional outlook on the situation. He was absolutely outstanding!

  • Employment client - Highly Recommend Mr Schofield’s firm.

    I posed a question about 3 months ago about my employer not paying me my last weeks wages. In correspondence with Mr. Scofield I mentioned money that I had paid back my employer that included my first 2 weeks of salary and small expenses. He told me that he thought he could also retrieve that money for me as well. The case has been resolved without a glitch. Thank you Mr Schofield and Renae for helping me and keeping me in the loop through the whole process !!

  • Ryan G - Labor Law Review

    Art Schofield and Renae were clear, concerned and attentive to my legal needs. He not only provided me with sound advice, he also informed me of my rights and communicated with me directly on a regular basis. He was quick to return all phone calls, E-mails and answered ALL questions. I not only feel he represented me in my best interest, I also feel he is knowledgeable, compassionate, and loves his job! His actions speak louder than my words. Art Schofield and his legal Aid Renae Main are two of the best I’ve seen. You will not be disappointed.

  • Judy - Excellent Attorney!

    You won’t be sorry if you choose this attorney. He is very fair and someone in the office always gets back to you. He keeps you in the loop and advises you of your options. I use to work as a hearing officer and had to deal with thousands of attorneys per year. Art is the attorney, I would recommend to anyone that wants truth not false promises. He doesn’t flinch an eye going after the big guys if they have injured you. “Be smart, go with Art.”

  • Jeanette - Arthur t. Schofield

    Extremely ethical and professional. Answered our questions quickly and thoroughly. We felt quite comfortable in all aspects of the process.

  • Jamii - Art is an amazing Attorney!!

    I have used Art twice in the past 2 years as an employee wronged by an employer, and now as a partner trying to handle a difficult partnership. Art has handled both cases with the utmost care and speed on my behalf. You are not just a number and dollar to him. He actually cares and makes your pain and hurt by being hurt in the business world seem important to him as well. I would highly recommend his services as an attorney to anyone in need of fighting a hard case. I feel safer just knowing I have him in my corner for sure.

  • Amy - An Attorney you want in your corner

    Arthur Schofield represented me in a wrongful termination case. He was always available to answer my questions. He was straight forward and supportive throughout the trial. His staff was professional and very helpful with everything. If you are in need of a good attorney, you want Art and his staff in your corner.

  • Chris - THE BEST!

    Mr. Schofield gets the job done. Through the entire case I was informed of every step he was taking to insure the best results possible. The outcome was better than I could have ever expected. He was very professional and knowledgeable.

  • Marilu - The best!!!

    Great representation, communication, I used him already 3 to 4 times. Helps you understatnd clearly what you should expect so you don’t have any surprises

  • Tim - Great attorney, highly recommended

    Mr. Schofield represented me in a case against a former employer. After searching and meeting with several attorneys, I chose Art because of his years of experience and knowledge in employment law and discrimination. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an employment attorney.

  • Jason - Outstanding Support

    I want to thank Arthur for his outstanding support and knowledge. His dedication to my personal issues allowed me to focus my attention on my family and took pressure off me during a very difficult time. His personal approach provided me with a great deal of comfort. His attention was not just about business but what was right for me and my family. Throughout my case he was there to answer questions and provide me with specific directions both in person and by email. At no time did I have to wait for a return call or email. His attention to customer service provided me with a ease of mind. When going through a very difficult time, it is important to have answers and/or information to calm the nerves and/or reduce the stress with a situation. Arthur was always there to help me understand the issues. My family and I thank him for his support and help.

  • Kimberly - Great lawyer

    Art represented me in a very difficult and emotional case against a former employer, and was not only a great lawyer, but also the source of emotional support during a very difficult time. Very knowledgable, and I still continue to consult him to this day!  Really cares about his clients and will give you straight forward, factual information… always!

  • Christina - Highly Recommended

    Represented me in several different types of cases from employment issues to family law. In every instance, always felt like I couldn’t be in better hands. He is knowledgeable & skilled both in & out of the courtroom.

  • Joel - Excellent Employment Lawyer

    Art represented me in a lawsuit against my former employer. He was responsive and thorough. He was also a voice of reason and generous with his time. I highly recommend Art.